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Our building
Both our law firm and our building have a rich history.

For example, our building has always had things in common with the maritime world since it was built in 1917. Our law firm dates as far back as the nineteen sixties and we are still a flourishing enterprise.

Zeger Tuytel's manor, called "Elke Morgen Nieuwe Zorgen" (New Concerns Every Morning) used to stand where the villa “ ‘t Zandeken” now stands. The basement of this mansion, including the well, has been preserved under the current premises. This well was used to supply water in May 1940 as there was no drinking water and people had their doubts about the water from the river "De Noord". Mr. Tuytel moved to the Kortland, to a newly built farm, which was realised by the same builder of ’t Zandeken. The villa was built for and by Johann Christiaan Smit in 1917, who was married to Petronella van der Giessen. In 1922 J.C. Smit became the new owner of De Nieuwe Werf (The New Dockyard) which was taken over by his son in 1940. His father founded this company in 1904 as N.V. Werf de Noord, which was named Van der Giessen de Noord after the merger in 1962. The company was taken over in 1997 by IHC Caland and in 2003 the location in Alblasserdam was closed down. The images of various ships in two leaded windows seem to refer to the family business, which existed for almost a century and up to this day radiate the maritime atmosphere of the Zwartbol Advocaten practice. Zwartbol Advocaten bought the villa in 1989 from one of the family Smit's heirs and settled into the villa soon afterwards. Zwartbol Advocated renovated ’t Zandeken completely in 2007 whilst retaining all authentic details. As from June 2012 't Zandeken is designated as historic landmark.