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Privacy Statement
Zwartbol Advocaten realises that the appropriate processing of personal data is an indispensable aspect of privacy law. This document serves as a means of safeguarding your right to privacy concerning your personal data. Zwartbol Advocaten conducts itself in full compliance with the Netherlands General Data Protection Regulation.

1. Purposes of data processing
Your personal data are processed exclusively for the purpose of entering into and implementing agreements with Zwartbol Advocaten, maintaining the client relationship (which includes communicating with existing clients about (legal) topics (news letters), as well as new products and/or services of Zwartbol Advocaten), all to the extent that Zwartbol Advocaten is obliged to do so by virtue of relevant laws and regulations.

Each person employed by Zwartbol Advocaten (lawyers/secretaries) takes note of personal data exclusively to the extent considered reasonably necessary for the purposes referred to above. Each service provider or other third party engaged by Zwartbol Advocaten with access to personal data is required to first enter into a data processing (sub) agreement with Zwartbol Advocaten. Zwartbol Advocaten only engages third parties that fully comply with its strict due care and protection requirements.

Your personal data are not otherwise disclosed to third parties without your prior permission.

Zwartbol Advocaten seeks to refrain from collecting special personal data, such as information about political views, race, religious beliefs, health, criminal records or other data. In cases in which Zwartbol Advocaten does seek to collect such data (only to the extent necessary to handle your case), you will always first be asked for permission.

Zwartbol Advocaten does not disclose personal data outside the European Union or to any international organisation, unless it is obliged to do so by virtue of (international) laws and regulations. To the extent that Zwartbol Advocaten is obliged to disclose personal data to countries outside the European Union, it does so in compliance with the applicable laws on the transfer of personal data and strictly to the extent that appropriate, required guarantees are provided.

2. Protection level and retention period
Zwartbol Advocaten protects the data entrusted to it by applying technical and administrative protective measures in line with relevant statutory requirements and guidelines, thereby minimising the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure and alteration. Such measures include firewalls, login codes and/or data encryption, as well as physical and administrative protective measures and access control extending to all data and servers. Should you nevertheless suspect misuse of your personal data, please contact Zwartbol Advocaten. Zwartbol Advocaten has its own procedures in place by which to report the leakage of data.

Your personal data are not retained any longer than reasonably necessary for the implementation of the agreements entered into with Zwartbol Advocaten, all in compliance with the law and the rules of professional conduct and practice applicable to Zwartbol Advocaten. When a case is closed, Zwartbol Advocaten in principle retains the corresponding file for a period of at least seven years, after which that file is destroyed.

3. Your rights concerning personal data
Any request from Zwartbol Advocaten for personal data is made within the framework of the purposes referred to under 1. above and does not extend to personal data other than necessary for those purposes. Should you not wish to provide the requested data, then this might lead to a situation in which Zwartbol Advocaten, partly due to the statutory and disciplinary obligations to which it is subject, cannot accept and/or (further) handle cases for you.

To the extent that Zwartbol Advocaten processes (specific) personal data for which your permission is required, it points out that you always have the right to withdraw your permission.

When Zwartbol Advocaten processes your personal data, you can always inspect those data after submitting a request to that effect (by e-mail to the e-mail address referred to under 4. above). If you find the overview of data provided by Zwartbol Advocaten to contain factual inaccuracies and/or irrelevant data or to be incomplete, or if you believe that your data are not being used in compliance with the law, then you can request Zwartbol Advocaten in writing to alter the data in question or to have the data removed. In addition, you have the right to receive an overview of your personal data from Zwartbol Advocaten in such a structured, standard and machine-readable format as to enable those data to be passed on to another party.

If you do not wish to be informed about (legal) topics (newsletters), new products and/or services of Zwartbol Advocaten, please inform Zwartbol Advocaten accordingly.

You furthermore have the right in specific circumstances to instruct Zwartbol Advocaten to permanently remove your personal data, namely when it no longer requires those data for the purposes for which they were collected or are being processed, when you withdraw previously granted permission for those data to be used, when you have justifiably objected to the processing of specific personal data, if your personal data are being processed unlawfully, when the statutory or otherwise applicable retention period expires or, at all times, if you are younger than 16 and the personal data were collected via an app or website (‘information society service’).

To the extent that you object to your personal data being processed by Zwartbol Advocaten or the manner in which this is done, you can always present your objection to the Netherlands Data Protection Agency (see also: www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl).

4. Contact details regarding privacy
If you have any questions and/or requests regarding the processing of your personal data, the inspection and correctness of information previously submitted by you to Zwartbol Advocaten or relating to the exercise of the rights referred to under 3. above, please address them to:

Zwartbol Advocaten B.V.
Attn. Mr D. Berlijn, LL.M.
Cortgene 121
2951 EC Alblasserdam
E.: berlijn@zwartbol.eu

5. Amendment of this Privacy Statement
Zwartbol Advocaten reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement, the possible amendments of which will be published on its website (www.zwartboladvocaten.nl). We recommend that you read this Privacy Statement on a regular basis in order to know about such amendments.