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Maritime, technical and stock/shareholder disputes

An extension of Zwartbol Advocaten's contract practice is its practice for maritime and technical disputes. Because disputes can always occur. Zwartbol Advocaten has ample expertise in dealing with such disputes and has vast experience in the areas where technical matters and legal matters meet.

Zwartbol Advocaten also frequently acts in stock/shareholder disputes, either as an advisor or in a legal procedure. We have specific expertise in buyout proceedings and so-called 50-50 situations, in which both parties retain 50% of the shares and a stalemate has arrisen.

If possible, an out of court settlement is sought, but when proceedings have become inevitable, Zwartbol Advocaten enthustiastically "enters the ring". After all, initiating a lawsuit, whether for arbitration or in court, is our business.

In order to remain up-to-date with maritime and technical developments, Zwartbol Advocaten is an active member of various trade associations of the Dutch maritime industry.