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Contract Law
National and international contract practices.

Zwartbol Advocaten places specific emphasis on national and international contract practices. This consists of drawing up (tailor made) contracts as well as screening and assessing clients' existing contracts.

As a result of Zwartbol Advocaten's location in the middle of Shipping Valley, specific knowledge and know-how has been acquired regarding industrial and ship building contracts and related legal constructs, such as declarations of ownership, assignments, escrow agreements, bank guarantees and suchlike. Zwartbol Advocaten frequently represents shipyards, shipowners, offshore companies, suppliers and banks.

Because its lawyers deal with Directors and Major Stock/Shareholders or fellow stock/shareholders on a daily basis, Zwartbol Advocaten has specific expertise with regard to takeover agreements when it comes to the sale of a company or parts thereof. In such situations, it is customary to work closely together with accountants.

Zwartbol Advocaten has a network of foreign corporate law and maritime associates with whom we collaborate in order to be able to serve our clients swiftly and professionally with regard to (contractual) issues regarding foreign law. Likewise, Zwartbol Advocaten is often the contact for foreign law firms or clients who have questions about Dutch law or disputes in the Netherlands. In view of its international practices, Zwartbol Advocaten is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

(The contracts on the photo's on the left are invented and were merely drawn up for photographic purposes.)