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Mensen voor Zaken
De kern van Zwartbol Advocaten

"I believe there will be a market for many years yet for small to medium-sized firms with demonstrable, niche expertise. General counsel of even the largest of organizations often indicate that they welcome deep expertise and personal service even if offered from modest-sized firms.",

aldus prof. Richard Susskind OBE in The American Lawyer, Februari 2013, over diens nieuwe boek 'Tomorrow's Lawyers'.

In 2018 stond Zwartbol Advocaten ook hoog genoteerd bij Chambers, met de volgende kenmerken:

What the team is known for Niche practice focused on contracts and maritime litigation cases, with a strong reputation for shipbuilding expertise. Specialises in the construction of ships and offshore projects. Actively involved of late in yacht and cruise vessel building contracts and product recall matters. Offers additional expertise in maritime arbitration matters. Frequently mandated by shipyards, as well as offshore companies, banks an P&I clubs.

Strengths The firm’s niche expertise and attentive service draws strong praise from clients, who admire its “response speed, commitment, dedication to get results and their solution-based way of working.” Further sources laud the team’s “ outstanding knowledge of shipbuilding”. The firm’s cross-border connections are also a key attribute according to clients, who report: “They have quite a strong correspondence of network firms in different jurisdictions’.